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Why watch political documentaries or world affairs documentaries?
Political and world affairs documentaries have been popular for a very long time. As the world grows more and more interconnected, international politics and topics of global interest become more and more intertwined. Consequently, more people have become interested in learning about political developments in various countries, not just in their own home countries.

Politics and world affairs documentaries tell us about the people who are making laws and policies that affect all of us. Keeping up to date with past and current developments can affect how we view the world, and help us become more informed global citizens and voters in our own countries. This in turn can help inspire change in us or younger generations, paving the way for more people who want to get involved in politics and changing the world.

Political documentaries shine light on little-known or overlooked topics
Many political documentaries are made by brave whistleblowers and filmmakers who piece together undercover footage and anonymous interviews to help expose secrets that governments, rulers, or large corporations try to keep buried. Documentaries about politics and world affairs are one of the most versatile, as they are often linked to issues within our society, or are about crimes committed by or against famous politicians, or can be linked to environmental policies set by our governments.

As the title implies, No Stone Unturned is an investigative political documentary which examines the massacre of six men, gunned down in a local pub in Northern Ireland while watching a World Cup match. While this may seem like an ordinary crime documentary, the mysterious circumstances of the massacre such as the gunmen being members of the Ulster Volunteer Force, the fact that no one has been charged, and the British government being accused of covering up the murders, suggests that this is a documentary with deeper political connotations.

Another documentary to take note of is Crimea: Russia’s Dark Secret. This harrowing documentary explores the plight of Crimean Muslim Tatars. Since the Russian Federation’s annexation of Crimea in early 2014, the Russian authorities have grown increasingly hostile towards the Muslim Tatar community, with incidents of intimidation, aggression, disappearances, and even alleged murder on the rise.

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Our iwonder selection contains titles about politicians, governments, and various kinds of world affairs. Some of the political documentaries about more prominent politicians are King Bibi, which chronicles the rise of long-standing Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and North Korea: The Death of King Jong-nam, the investigation into the murder mystery behind the shocking assassination of Kim Jong-nam, who had reportedly begged his younger half-brother to spare his life.

For learning more about world affairs, Chasing Asylum utilises unprecedented material from Australia’s offshore detention camps that detail the appalling living conditions for detainees seeking asylum, bringing together the faces and voices systematically impacted, but locked out, of Australian border protection. On the other side of the world, Redneck Revolt documents how hate crimes are set to rise for the third year in a row, as white nationalists march become increasingly violent, and left-wing activists prepare to hit back.

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