The Asian Century
The Asian Century
800 min • History, Politics & World Affairs • 2017 • M

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This landmark series deconstructs the pivotal events that have made the Asian Century. With rare archival footage and personal eyewitness testimony, the series shed light on the pivotal events of the past. From the People’s Power Revolution in the Philippines to the dramatic Partition of the Indian subcontinent, this programme will challenge accepted views and reveal the personalities and rivalries that have shaped history.

How Did Korea Build the Nuclear Bomb?
1. How Did Korea Build the Nuclear Bomb?
44 mins

North Korea, one of the world's most secretive nations, didn’t acquire its nuclear arsenal alone. How and why did the ‘Hermit Kingdom’ build the bomb? This episode examines the crucial moments which continue to unnerve not only the Asian continent, but the entire world, from the US nuclear threat during the Korean War in the 1950s to the menacing rhetoric between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump.

India's Iron Lady
2. India's Iron Lady
49 mins

Few leaders have left a bigger political legacy than India’s first and only female Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. Her brutal assassination in 1984 by her Sikh bodyguards brought to a bloody end the life of an Indian political giant whose impact reached far beyond her nation’s shores.

Japan's Militarist Emperor
3. Japan's Militarist Emperor
47 mins

Emperor Hirohito left behind a legacy of death and destruction, the repercussions of which are still being felt across Asia today. Yet, he was never held accountable for the two wars he supported. This episode explores whether he was a puppet or the puppeteer.

The Rise and Fall of Mujib
4. The Rise and Fall of Mujib
49 mins

We follow the footsteps of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as East Pakistan moves from Jinnah's Islamist nationalism towards Bengali linguistic and cultural nationalism that led to the creation of Bangladesh. The civil disobedience was responded by the Pakistan Army with war crimes that led to the displacement of 3 million Bengalis. We investigate the reasons for Mujib's rise and his violent death in 1975.