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Coronavirus & Me
Coronavirus & Me
Coronavirus & Me
27 min • Politics & World Affairs, Society • 2020 • PG

The new iwonder original series Coronavirus & Me showcases a touching collection of stories about how everyday Australians are handling the COVID-19 outbreak, from homecomings and hospitals, to homages and homecare.

Episode 1
1. Episode 1

Kicking off the new

Episode 2
2. Episode 2
13 mins

Taking place mid-way through COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns, this episode demonstrates the incredible resilience and fortitude shown by Australians of all ages, who manage to emerge from the crisis with optimism, love, and unexpected creativity. We meet Nancy, whose close-knit family went from having Sunday roasts every week to being unable to see each other for over 7 weeks; Harry, a singer-songwriter who pours his longing for happier times into a new song; and finally, we revisit Jason and his family, whose story about recreating a grocery shopping experience at home for his 87-year-old mother with Alzheimer’s disease made global headlines.

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