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iwonderWho - Tony Pua (The Kleptocrats)
iwonderWho - Tony Pua (The Kleptocrats)

iwonderWho - Tony Pua (The Kleptocrats)

35 min • Crime, Politics & World Affairs • 2020

Ahead of former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s 1MDB trial verdict due on 28 July, James Bridges, CEO of iwonder, interviews Tony Pua as part of the #iwonderWho exclusive Q&A series. Tony Pua is a politician from the Democratic Action Party (DAP), a three-term Member of Parliament, and Political Secretary to the Minister of Finance. He was featured in The Kleptocrats, a documentary about government corruption at the highest level, where US$3.5 billion was embezzled from Malaysia’s wealth fund 1MDB and used to purchase property in New York, fund Hollywood movies, and party with A-list celebrities.
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