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Society Documentaries
Learn from the rich diaspora of communities around the world as they face pressing social issues like immigration, extremism & human rights.
100 Kilo Kids: Obesity SOS
A Moral Debt: The Legacy of Slavery in the USA
A River Below
A User's Guide to Cheating Death
Across ASEAN
Adult Under Construction
Afghan United: Hope through Football for Refugees in Iran
Alive & Kicking: The Soccer Grannies of South Africa
Alt-Right: Age of Rage
Are You Racist?
Asia's Underworld
Ask The Sexpert
Auroville: On the path to Utopia
Australia's New Stolen Generation
Australia: Creating a Nation
Awake: The Life of Yogananda
Beyond the Autism Spectrum: A Family's Year Confronting Autism
Call Girls
Chasing Asylum
Church of Trump
City D.N.A.
Commander Arian
Confessions of a Sex Addict
Conspiracy Rising
Coronavirus & Me
Deadly Medicine (Drugs: Cannabis Country, Heroin Fix, India's addicts)
Death in the Family
Deciphering Indonesia
Esta Todo Bien – It’s All Good
Faces Places
Family Shots
FAT: A Documentary
Fish Wars
For Sama
Game Girls
Gaza Surf Club
God Loves Uganda
Grizzly Man
Hale County This Morning, This Evening
Hong Kong's Crazy Rich and Mega Poor
Hong Kong's Localist Revolutionaries
Hooligan Sparrow
Hoop Dreams
Hotel for Refugees
Hungary: The Rebel Right of Europe
In the Shadow of the Sun
India's Game Changers
India's Hospital Train
Is Love Racist: The Dating Game
iwonderWho - The Pickup Game
iwonderWho - Ursula Macfarlane (Untouchable)
Jakarta School Brawl
Jesus Camp
Kelly's Hollywood
League of Exotique Dancers
Love & Sex in an Age of Pornography
Love Me
Man Up
Man's First Friend
Masked Monkey
Megalodemocrat: The Public Art Of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
Miss Representation
Monrovia, Indiana
Motley's Law
My Calling: A Dance Mentor for the Slums
My Calling: A Pianist for Hope
My Calling: Ambassador for the Townships
My Calling: Battling the Pothole Problem
My Calling: Guardian of the Holy Ice
My Calling: The Hipsters of Erbil
My Calling: Unexpected Heroine
My Millennial Life
My Name is Salt
Never Again: America's Battle of the Bullets
Nowhere to Call Home
Playground Murder Plot
Pray the Devil Back to Hell
Race to Nowhere
Rescuing Rex
Rethinking Radicalisation
Rich Hill
Rocking Cambodia: The Rise of a Pop Diva
Saudi's Freedom Test Drive
Saudi's Legacy of Fear
Searching For Bill
Shut Up & Play the Piano
Speeches that Changed the World
Sri Lanka's New War
Straddling the Border
Sugar Sisters
Sumatra's Last Tigers
Super Cool Wins In The End
Tapestry: The Heart of ASEAN
Ten Billion
The Antechamber of Hell
The Armour of Light
The Bright Side: Feel Good About Famine
The Bright Side: Killings Over
The Bright Side: Poverty, What Poverty?
The Bright Side: The Literacy Revolution
The Bright Side: The Ozone is Alright
The Bright Side: Toilets Save Lives
The Case Against 8
The Cheating Class
The Chinese Dream
The Departure
The Fourth Estate
The Game
The Guy With the Knife
The Heart of Nuba
The Invisible Heart
The Invisible War
The Madam
The Penalty
The People Vs. America
The Philippines' Baby Factory
The Pickup Game
The Song Catcher
The Waiting Room
The Weekly
The Weekly: Baby Constantin
The Weekly: Collision
The Weekly: El Chapo’s Son - The Siege Of Culiacán
The Weekly: Fire And Water
The Weekly: Guilty By Machine
The Weekly: Hands On
The Weekly: Open Arms
The Weekly: Segregated City
The Weekly: The Education of T.M. Landry
The Weekly: The Hot List
The Weekly: The Promise
The Weekly: The Sicario
The Work
The World of Economics Explained: Career opportunities in Germany
The World of Economics Explained: Church business, a model for success
The World of Economics Explained: Crowdworker cloudworker gig work
The World of Economics Explained: From Huts to Highrises
The World of Economics Explained: How dangerous is debt?
The World of Economics Explained: How will we work in the Future?
The World of Economics Explained: Human worth
The World of Economics Explained: The cruel rule of the clock
The World of Economics Explained: Why do women earn less?
This is Congo
Under The Influence
Vegan Wars
Vigilante: The Incredible True Story of Curtis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels
Yasuni Man
You See Monsters
Yusuf Hawkins: Storm over Brooklyn
Meet various communities around the world in society and social issue documentaries
Through documentaries, we can meet people all over the world and gain glimpses into their lives and struggles as they face crucial social issues or fight to improve their environment and life circumstances. More and more often, documentary filmmakers are partnering with campaigners and activists, who create rich, illustrative documentaries that raise global awareness and affect change on some of the most important issues of our time.

These documentaries take deep dives into social issues across countries and continents, from struggling with gun crime in America, to the battle between an all-female fighting unit and ISIS militants who kidnapped, raped and enslaved them, to the evangelical campaign sweeping through Uganda, turning towards biblical law and at one point proposing the death penalty for homosexuality.

Social documentaries help give a voice to those who are silenced
Documentary filmmakers often seek out marginalised societies who may not have the means to find an audience by themselves, or face persecution or prosecution if they were to speak out. One country known to silence its citizens is North Korea, where citizens are not allowed to travel abroad and the internet is strictly restricted. In North Korea: Voice From the Secret State, we meet army officers, a senior member of the security service, and an ordinary family who are contemplating escape, risking their lives and freedom to speak to North Koreans who have escaped to the South.

Refugees are another social group who are often spoken about, but rarely given a place to share their own voice and stories. Hotel For Refugees tells the story of how two world meet when a small Catholic town in Ireland becomes the new home for hundreds of Muslim Syrian asylum seekers brought over from refugee camps in Greece, to be housed in a former luxury hotel until their asylum status is approved. The documentary film follows the refugees as they assimilate into the local community, faced with friendly locals who feel that it is their duty to welcome them, while some others are anxious about the impact of so many strangers in their small town.

Documentaries about society and social issues are inspirational
Social issues documentaries often observe people who are rising up to make a difference in challenging situations, trying to stand up for themselves and their community. The courage of these people can be inspirational to all of us, even if we might not be facing the same issues ourselves. However, this can encourage viewers to stand up for social issues in their own communities and try to make a difference.

In fact, many of these documentaries are so remarkable that they end up winning awards at various film festivals. The Invisible War, which investigates the rape epidemic buried in the armed forces and exposes institutions that try to cover up its existence, marking profound social consequences, was nominated for 14 awards and won 11 of them, including awards from the Emmy Awards, Sundance Film Festival, and Peabody Awards.

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