Man Up
Man Up
180 min • Health & Science, Society • 2017 • MA15

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The stereotypical man is strong, silent, and tough as nails. But according to research, men are lonelier, more disconnected, and more vulnerable to depression and suicide than ever. The host sets out on a journey, from construction sites to boardrooms to find out why we are losing our men. This series challenges stereotypes and smashes the stigma around mental health. With an integrated campaign fully supported by Official Partner Movember, this worldwide television event redefines what it means to ‘Man Up’.

Man Up: Episode 1
1. Man Up: Episode 1
57 mins

Radio star Gus Worland embarks on a journey to discover the good (man hugs), the bad (his own singing) and the ugly (the lumber sexual) of Australian masculinity. Along the way he uncovers a shocking truth; suicide is the leading killer of Australian men aged under 45, eclipsing road accidents, cancer and heart disease. Having lost a best mate to suicide, Gus is on a mission to find out why we’re losing our men.

Man Up: Episode 2
2. Man Up: Episode 2
56 mins

Having learnt that the pressure to man up is fuelling a suicide crisis, Gus travels across the country to meet the men who are making a difference. From sailing the high seas with ex soldiers battling PTSD, to stripping down for a nude yoga class (scrotum alert!), it’s a no-holds-barred look at all things men. And the campaign gets personal for Gus when an emotional workshop at his son’s school brings tears, raw honesty and new hope that change is possible.

Man Up: Episode 3
3. Man Up: Episode 3
58 mins

Gus launches a campaign to tackle outdated ideas of masculinity in the hope that Aussie boys and men will no longer turn to suicide as a solution. But Gus is only one man, so he enlists the help of the country’s top advertising minds to help get the message out to as many people as possible. But like all best laid plans; this one is about to go sideways. Can Gus dig deep and get back on track? Or is he fighting a losing battle?