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History Documentaries
Uncover rich, historical stories about the influential movements, events, and people that have shaped our world throughout time.
1945: The Year That Changed the World
1994: The Bloody Miracle
A Moral Debt: The Legacy of Slavery in the USA
American Anarchist
American Dharma
Australia's New Stolen Generation
Australia: Creating a Nation
Battle for Britain's Heroes
Betrayal At Attica
Breaker Morant: The Retrial
Change Of Heart
Chernobyl Reclaimed
Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum
Code Red
Colombia Revealed
Console Wars
Crimea: Russia's Dark Secret
Cursed Bloodlines
Deadliest Earthquakes: Christchurch
Diana: The Interview That Shocked The World
Diana: The Night She Died
Enemies of the People
Enemy Within
Friedkin Uncut
Ganz: How I Lost My Beetle
Gaston Melies and His Wandering Star Film Company
George III: The Genius of the Mad King
Goodbye Aleppo
Heart of Darkness: Return to the My Lai Massacre
History Retold
Hitler's Favourite Royal
Lennon's Last Weekend
Moonwalk One
My Perestroika
Operation Jaywick: Sinking Japan
Operation Valkyrie: The Plot to Kill Hitler
Peace and War: The View from Russia
Rolling Stone: Stories from the Edge
Science in a Golden Age
Sean Bean on Waterloo
Shooting Of The Pontiff
Special Forces
Speeches that Changed the World
Surviving the Outback
The Believers
The Bit Player
The Boy Who Started The Syrian War
The Case Against 8
The Cost of War
The Crusades: An Arab Perspective
The Eyes of Orson Welles
The Hunt For Transylvanian Gold
The Liberators
The Man Who Shot Beautiful Women
The Most Dangerous Man in America
The Nuclear Requiem
The Radical Story of Patty Hearst
The Real Inglorious Bastards
The Real Tom Thumb: History's Smallest Superstar
The White Mughal: A Story In Art
The World of Economics Explained: Berlin Wall - How Different Are Eastern And Western Germany?
Uncharted Amazon
Unfinished Revolution
Unnatural Selection
Unquiet Graves
Wild Winners
Winston Churchill: Blood, Sweat and Oil Paint
The importance of history
Some people love learning more about history, but some people can’t be bothered. However you feel about it, it can’t be denied that historical events are an integral part of shaping people, society, and countries into what they are today.

As Martin Luther King puts it – “We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” Our history affects who we are now, shaping our ideologies, preferences, and values. Reflecting on our history also helps us consider how we can learn from it in order to prepare ourselves for the future and in time play a part in making new history.

History documentaries can cover a wide range of topics
You may think that documentary films are only about very old history, but this isn’t true at all. History documentaries can be about all kinds of influential movements, people, and events, allowing you to learn about our shared past while entertaining yourself with a captivating historical story.

The beauty of a history documentary is that it covers everything that has happened in the past, which is a very broad definition. History documentary films can be about anything from cultural revolutions, to the moon landing, drug wars, supreme court battles, the genesis of rock bands, and much more.Consider your own interests when watching a history documentary
If you think watching history documentaries is boring, try factoring in your own preferences when it comes to selecting a history documentary film. If you are interested in a certain country, era, or historical figure, try searching for documentaries about them.

For example, if you have a strong interest in the British monarchy, you can watch documentaries such as Edward VIII: The King Who Threw Away His Crown, Wallis Simpson: The Secret Letters, or Diana: The Night She Died, which paint intimate portraits of people who are members of or have ties close to the royal family.

Whereas someone who enjoys learning about major historical events may be more interested in historical documentaries that cover monumental changes in history, like 1929: The Year of the Crash or 1945: The Year That Changed the World, The 101 Who Made the 20th Century, which offer great insights into people and events that have shaped our world into what it is today, with stories about The Great Depression, World War II, and movers and shakers throughout time, such as Margaret Thatcher, Ghandi, Amelia Earhart, and more.

If you are a film buff, you can also watch the documentary film Chaplin in Bali, which follows the legendary Charlie Chaplin as he goes on a trip to Bali with his brother Sydney, in an attempt to ease off a professional crisis and gain peace and inspiration. Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum also ties together two seemingly opposite worlds, fiction and reality, by telling the story of the encounter between Magnum Photos Agency photojournalists and famous actors and filmmakers.

Whatever your interests are, our engaging history documentaries on iwonder can help you view the past in a whole new way.