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A Genuine Forger
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Meet the Makers: The Paper Maker
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Try This! Ackee with Salt Fish, Jamaica
Try This! American Breakfast, USA
Try This! Amok Trey, Cambodia
Try This! Aztec Soup, Mexico
Try This! Bacalao Al Pil Pil, Spain
Try This! Badrijani, Georgia
Try This! Beef Tapa, Philippines
Try This! Bibimbap, Korea
Try This! Black Pepper Pork Dosa, India
Try This! Buzara, Montenegro
Try This! Cataplana Mar E Terra, Portugal
Try This! Ceviche De Pescado, Peru
Try This! Chicken Tikka Masala, Britain
Try This! Coq Au Reisling, Luxembourg
Try This! Egusi With Spinach and Turkey, Nigeria
Try This! Empanada Saltina, Argentina
Try This! Gaeng Kua Gai, Thailand
Try This! Gheymeh Bademjan, Iran
Try This! Herring in a Fur Coat, Russia
Try This! Hungarian Beef Goulash, Hungary
Try This! Izmir Koftesi, Turkey
Try This! Kohlrabi Curry, Sri Lanka
Try This! Koshary, Egypt
Try This! Lamb Tagine With Prunes, Morocco
Try This! Lule Kebab, Armenia
Try This! Mish Mash, Bulgaria
Try This! Mousse De Maracuja, Brazil
Try This! Noodles with Mince Beef, China
Try this! Oat Cookies with Liquorice, Denmark
Try This! Papaya Salad, Laos
Try This! Pastel De Chaiba, Chile
Try This! Plantains with Beef, Colombia
Try This! Pork Belly with Mussel Salad, France
Try This! Roast Elk, Norway
Try This! Ropa Vieja, Cuba
Try This! Salmon Avocado Poppy Seed Bagel, Australia
Try This! Salzburg Bierfleisch, Austria
Try This! Sandwich with Grilled Mackerel, Ireland
Try This! Sayur Lodeh, Indonesia
Try This! Sheep Cheese Dumplings, Slovakia
Try This! Shoulder of Lamb in Red Wine Sauce, Greece
Try This! Tabouleh, Lebanon
Try This! Tantan Ramen, Japan
Try This! Tortelloni with Ragout, Italy
Try This! Turbot and Cauliflower Puree and Freekah, Israel
Try This! Zignie, Eritrea
Try This! Zurcher Geschetzeltes, Switzerland
Try This! Zurek, Poland
Whistler: For Art's Sake
Winston Churchill: Blood, Sweat and Oil Paint
World Of Darkness
The popularity of true crime documentaries is on the rise
Whenever a major crime or scandal emerges and rocks the world, there’s one thing you can be sure of–there will be documentaries made about it sooner or later. Whether it’s about murder, violence, embezzlement, heists, or other forms of crime, true crime documentaries stand the test of time, with our morbid fascination for them lasting for generations.

Interestingly, one of the largest demographics of true crime fans are young women. Some experts have speculated that the reason for this is tied to human psychology. Michael Mantell, founding chief psychologist for the San Diego Police Department, states that “women fear being crime victims more than men do”, which makes them more interested in learning how to avoid becoming a victim. “For some, it’s a method to ‘feel like’ they have control over a given situation, though they often don’t.”

The true crime documentary experience is more immersive
True crime fans often find themselves deeply vested in the story. They observe investigators as they discover clues at a crime scene and piece information together, they watch prosecutors and criminal lawyers battle it out in sensationalised courtroom scenes, and they form their own theories about what may or may not have happened, regardless of an official verdict.

This journey leads them to discuss and pick apart the crime and its investigation long after the case has closed, debating with themselves and others on whether justice was served and what could have been done differently. True crime fans are a more active audience, often reading more about additional clues or theories after watching a true crime documentary title or series.

Types of true crime documentaries
Depending on the topic, true crime documentaries often focus on different angles. Unsolved mysteries typically focus on the victim, such as The Mystery of JonBenet, the unsettling story of the 6-year-old who was found dead in her own home. Another example is The Teacher’s Wife, which investigates the disappearance of Lyn Dawson and how two coroners concluded that her husband murdered her, but he was not prosecuted at the time. Some other popular documentaries focus on the criminal, such as Aileen Wuornos. The documentary Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer takes viewers through Aileen’s violent childhood and how she evolved into becoming a hitchhiking prostitute turned serial killer.

But not all true crime documentaries are about homicide and disappearance. Some also delve into intense corporate or political scandals, such as The Kleptocrats, which covers the story behind the world’s largest white-collar heist, where billions of dollars are embezzled from Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund and end up lining the pockets of the Prime Minister and his inner circle, while also flowing into New York and Hollywood, used to court A-list celebrities and fund Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

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The collection also features a wide range of documentaries covering scandals and conspiracies about lesser-known topics, like Kids for Cash, which uncovers a shocking judicial secret in America where children are sent to for-profit detention centres without counsel or being advised of their rights, Hooligan Sparrow which follows activist Ye Haiyan as she seeks justice for 6 schoolgirls who were sexually abused by their principal, and many more interesting true crime documentary titles.