Tipping Point Climate Countdown
Tipping Point Climate Countdown
192 min • Nature & Environment • 2019

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Evidence of environmental degradation can already be seen at the furthest reaches of civilization – in Antarctica. Now, citizens and states seek to tip the scales back to Earth’s favour. A global movement to reverse the damage and repair nature needs to gain momentum, or we risk destroying the very conditions that have enabled mankind to prosper.

Muddy Waters
1. Muddy Waters
47 mins

Antarctica is melting; floods could engulf cities, and clean water might soon be a luxury. Cities learn to renew their water sources and adapt to a rising tide of climate uncertainty.

The Food Crunch
2. The Food Crunch
48 mins

As populations grow, the food we feed on is getting less nutritious. Scientists and citizens race to create new ways to grow and adapt food, while advocating an urgent change of mindsets.

Power Trip
3. Power Trip
46 mins

Cities go carbon-free with wind-powered trains and solar roads. A global energy revolution has begun to slow climate change and secure mankind’s survival.