The Weekly: V. Johnson & Johnson
The Weekly: V. Johnson & Johnson
28 min • Crime, Health & Science • 2019 • M

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For more than a century, Johnson & Johnson has promoted its baby powder as pure and gentle, a product that mothers can trust, made by a company that puts customers first. And though its talcum powder represents only a fraction of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic giant’s modern business, it’s been a cornerstone of the company’s reputation. Now that reputation is being threatened by thousands of lawsuits claiming that the powder is contaminated with cancer-causing asbestos – a claim Johnson & Johnson denies. THE WEEKLY talks to a former teacher who claims that her cancer may have been caused by asbestos in the talcum powder she used daily for years. Our reporters examine her case and others, combing through decades of company documents to find out to the truth. (Episode 17 of 30)