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The Weekly: The Sicario
The Weekly: The Sicario

The Weekly: The Sicario

26 min • Crime, Society • 2020

For years the homicide rate in Mexico has continued to climb, with endemic corruption making it impossible to stop. So Morelos state police chief Alberto Capella decided to try a different approach: striking a deal with some of the men he’d arrested, to testify against their former cartel bosses. In exchange, he offered them protection, and a chance to escape a life of brutality - in some cases without facing any charges. It was a gentleman’s agreement with men trained in violence, including a “sicario” who showed no regard for human life. On this episode of THE WEEKLY, we meet the men on both sides of this controversial deal. Is it a perversion of justice, or a bold new approach to fighting crime in Mexico? (Episode 30 of 30)
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