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The Weekly: Rudy? Rudy?
The Weekly: Rudy? Rudy?

The Weekly: Rudy? Rudy?

27 min • Politics & World Affairs • 2019

The man once hailed as an American hero is now at the center of the most confounding political story of the Trump era. Rudy Giuliani’s back-channel efforts to pressure Ukrainian officials on the president’s behalf has helped trigger an impeachment inquiry that could tarnish both men. It’s a disquieting late act in a four-decade political career: Giuliani burst on the public stage as an aggressive prosecutor who used the same tactics to take down New York’s notorious mafia bosses as he did Wall Street’s felonious financiers. And when the city came under attack on 9/11, he stepped into his defining role as “America’s Mayor” by comforting and rallying the nation. THE WEEKLY looks back on Giuliani’s rise & fall through the eyes of the reporters who covered it all. (Episode 24 of 30)
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