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The Weekly: Open Arms
The Weekly: Open Arms

The Weekly: Open Arms

27 min • Business & Technology, Society, Politics & World Affairs • 2020

U.S. defense contractors have used the promise of new jobs to persuade the government to approve billions of dollars’ worth of arms sales to foreign allies, with little regard for how the weapons are used. The Trump administration has repeatedly cleared the way for lucrative contracts with Saudi Arabia, building on a 2015 decision by the Obama administration to support the Saudi-led war in Yemen. Now five years later, New York Times investigative reporters Walt Bogdanich and Michael LaForgia wanted to know why the war in Yemen has continued, despite reports of mass civilian casualties, and a humanitarian crisis on the ground. Their reporting led them to look at the role of American defense contractors – including Raytheon – which depends on Saudi Arabia for 5 percent of its annual revenue, and needs U.S. government approval to sell its weapons overseas. THE WEEKLY investigates why arms sales to Saudi Arabia have been allowed to continue, even as the war in Yemen intensifies with no end in sight. (Episode 21 of 30)
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