The Weekly: Mr. McGahn
The Weekly: Mr. McGahn
27 min • Politics & World Affairs, Crime • 2019 • MA15

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A libertarian zealot and lifelong conservative, Don McGahn accepted the position of White House Counsel under one condition: that he be allowed to lead President Trump’s judicial appointments. Trump accepted, and what followed was one of the greatest judiciary shake-ups of all time: it was McGahn who spearheaded successive efforts to place Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh on the U.S. Supreme Court. And he was also the chief architect of what many are calling the Trump administration’s greatest achievement: packing the federal courts with conservative judges. As White House Counsel during the most tumultuous phase of the Mueller Investigation, McGahn also played a key role in talking Trump out of several decisions that he felt might put him at risk of obstructing justice. Now a year after leaving the White House, THE WEEKLY looks back on Don McGahn’s tenure as White House Counsel, and how his relationship with the President changed the course of history. (Episode 28 of 30)