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The Kitty Kelley Files
The Kitty Kelley Files

The Kitty Kelley Files

60 min • Society, Culture • 2017

Shining a revealing new spotlight on the stars : For the first time, legendary journalist and biographer Kitty Kelley is granting access to her personal files. The seven time New York Times best-selling author reveals the intimate secrets of well known and beloved public figures, taking us behind the scenes and into their worlds. Through her research, Ms Kelley tells the inside story of some of the sensational events that have shaped their lives and which they may have triumphed over, or nearly been destroyed by. Pretty Woman's Julia Roberts has had her challenges finding and keeping men, while Drew Barrymore, a descendant of the Barrymore family of stage and screen actors, struggled with the demons of alcohol and drug abuse all before she was 14 years old. George Clooney began to feel he would never make it in Hollywood until he took a chance on a TV medical show known as ER and news about Frank Sinatra's love affairs, alleged mob connections and many scandals continue to reverberate today. Meanwhile, Princess Diana is the subject of Kitty's two hour-long films which shine plenty of new information on the People's Princess.
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