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The Hunt For Transylvanian Gold
The Hunt For Transylvanian Gold

The Hunt For Transylvanian Gold

52 min • History • 2016

COMING SOON on 23 Dec 2020. This film explores the looting and illicit trafficking of archaeological artefacts. We meet three characters: a forester turned looter, an antiquities expert, and a prosecutor assigned to investigate. Contact with the looted gold will change their lives forever. The story begins in the late 90's Romania, with the discovery of 24 huge golden bracelets - previously unknown to archaeologists. They are part of looted hoards valued at $50m from a 2000 year old Dacian kingdom mountain sanctuary. Located in the rugged Transylvanian Carpathian mountains, the site is famous for its conquest by Emperor Trajan in 106AD, which led to the plunder of its substantial treasure and extraction of 350 tons of gold from the region. This is a thriller of a tale - by turns suspenseful, humorous and tragic. The question is, will the loot be recovered?
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