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The Great Guide To The Future
The Great Guide To The Future
The Great Guide To The Future
46 min • Business & Technology, Health & Science • 2016 • M

This ambitious, informative and visually stunning science-travel documentary series hitches a ride in a time machine, to explore what our future will look like. Award-winning science journalist, Jonathan McCrea, meets scientists and innovators from around the globe whose ground-breaking work is forming the shape of time to come. From robot restaurants in Tokyo, to exotic wildlife sanctuaries in the Galápagos Islands, we explore the engineering that will revolutionise our homes, society, energy and travel. We learn how the power of virtual reality could be the key to protecting our heritage sites, and find out if there is any hope for endangered wildlife. We meet the change-makers trying to create a world free of electronic waste, and look to the stars to learn about the mind-blowing energy source that could power Earth for years to come.

3. Power
45 mins

Climate change is threatening life on this planet, and at the heart of this problem is our insatiable need for energy. In this episode Jonathan visits Chernobyl, the site of one of the most infamous nuclear disasters in history, and then sets off to find the technology that could save us all, but it’s one that’s tainted with fear.

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