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The Fourth Estate
The Fourth Estate
The Fourth Estate
259 min • Society, Politics & World Affairs • 2018 • MA15+

Granted unprecedented access to the editors and reporters on the front lines , Emmy- winning and Oscar -nominated filmmaker Liz Garbus’ The Fourth Estate follows the inner workings of The New York Times, revealing the challenges, triumphs and pitfalls of covering a President who has declared war on the free press.

American Carnage
3. American Carnage
55 mins

As violence stoked by white supremacists erupts in Charlottesville, The New York Times reporters scramble to make sense of the news. Now accustomed to the relentless pace of Donald Trump’s first term in office, the President’s unwillingness to denounce the racist hate groups presents a new test for the country and the journalists. After a firestorm of criticism from the left and right, Trump blames the “failing New York Times” and “crooked media” at a rally in Phoenix for distorting his speech and further deepening the country’s divisions. Meanwhile, Steve Bannon exits the White House and a Times reporter with close access to the former chief strategist questions where his populist revolution is headed now without the President’s ear. While the country’s tensions play out on social media, the paper deals with reining in its own reporters on Twitter. The Russia investigative team are at the ready when Mueller makes his first big move - but it’s not at all what they expected.

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