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The 101 Who Made the 20th Century
The 101 Who Made the 20th Century
The 101 Who Made the 20th Century
400 min • Politics & World Affairs, History • 2017

A century where the empires of the past crumbled to make way for new superpowers and a new age. Built on science, exploration, and a desire to express new creative possibilities. A century where the world was drawn into one war after another. But where radio, film, television, cars, planes and finally computers drew us closer together than at any other point in history. It was a century of unprecedented change. Change that was born out of the actions of individuals — what they created, what they discovered, what they destroyed. Who were the 101 people who drove the changes in every aspect of life that made the Twentieth Century and set-up the Twenty-First? A decade and a half since the close of the century we can take a considered look at the people most responsible for the events that changed their world and made ours. In this series we count down -- from a hundred-and-one to number one -- the names of those who, in the judgement of experts, including those who contribute to the series, most influentially shaped the century and our world.

People 36 to 24
6. People 36 to 24

The Sixth Episode features some major players from war and peace, from east and west. From inventors who have changed the way we live and fight to artists who have given us reasons to do both, we count through 35 to 24 and cover some of the most influential and infamous people who made the twen

People 10 to 1
8. People 10 to 1
50 mins

What would the world we live in look like without our Top Ten? It is hard to imagine but one thing’s for sure, in making the twentieth century they have indelibly influenced the world we know today. In our final episode we reveal our picks for the most significant people “Who Made the Twentieth Century”. The results will surprise many. Some will disagree with the choices, everyone will remain gripped up to the final reveal.

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