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Tapestry: Heart of ASEAN
Tapestry: Heart of ASEAN
Tapestry: Heart of ASEAN
250 min • Society, Culture • 2018 • G

This five-part travelogue series celebrates the diversity of ASEAN’s 10 member states. Explore a side of the regional bloc not often seen by outsiders as Jackson Board and Pichayada Promchertchoo delve into issues that are close to the hearts of the ASEAN people - innovation and entrepreneurship; nature and conservation; communities and culture; textiles; as well as agriculture and food security. Embark on this journey that captures the stories and lives of the many different people who have made their homes in Southeast Asia a rich tapestry.

Shaping a Better Future
1. Shaping a Better Future
47 mins

The rise of ASEAN talents - innovating for a better future: from an ecovillage owner whose sense of purpose is changing lives in Brunei, to social entrepreneurs turning trash into treasures in Myanmar and inventors changing aquaculture in Bandung....

ASEAN's Fruitful Harvest
5. ASEAN's Fruitful Harvest
48 mins

In rapidly developing ASEAN, agricultural development is still transforming lives and communities - from growing coffee to beat back opium production and poverty in Northern Thailand to tapping research to improve food security in Singapore.

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