Surviving the Cultural Revolution: Mulberry Child
Surviving the Cultural Revolution: Mulberry Child
86 min • Culture, History • 2011 • M

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2016 is the fiftieth anniversary of Mao's Cultural Revolution, which destroyed millions of lives in 1960’s China, and has become a taboo topic in the country. Through rare archival footage and dramatic cinematic reenactments Jian Ping courageously tells of her family's story through three generations. Sadly, Jian's American raised daughter Lisa has little interest in her Chinese roots or her mother's memoirs. However, traveling with her mother to China to visit her dying grandfather, Hou Kai, Lisa finally realises the impact her roots have on her present life. This is a moving and emotionally arresting film that exposes a dark and recent period of China’s history told through the personal, relatable lens of one family.