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Sumatra's Last Tigers
Sumatra's Last Tigers

Sumatra's Last Tigers

50 min • Nature & Environment, Society • 2010

In January 2009 a resin tapper was brutally killed in the forests of Sumatra’s Jambi Province. In the following months there were seven more deaths, each more gruesome than the last. The culprit is a 200lb Sumatran tiger. With fewer than 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild, time is running out to save them. Over 60% of Sumatra’s rainforest has disappeared in the last 25 years, leaving a biological desert. Humans are not normally on the menu for these tigers but the destruction of their habitat and prey means this majestic predator has been left with no choice. But hope lies with a small group of dedicated individuals. In a race against the clock, specially trained forest rangers must find the man-eater before local hunters do. Scientists must breed a pure bloodline of Sumatran tigers to save the species from extinction. This remarkable film reveals two top predators living on the same piece of land. It is the story of powerful creatures pushed to the brink and the humans that risk everything to save them.
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