A heartstopping incursion into the world of Asia’s elite Special Forces, revealing their brutal training and cutting-edge combat capabilities. Explore the endurance needed for the world’s most dangerous missions, from raids on Most Wanted criminals and terrorists, to resolving major hostage crises.
Philippine Marines Forces
1. Philippine Marines Forces
48 mins
They are a swift, silent and deadly attack force on land, sea and air: the Philippine Marines Force Reconnaissance Battalion. They act as the Special Operations Arm of the Philippine Marines and are called to engage in direct actions, long-range patrols, amphibious assaults, and hostage rescue operations. This elite unit gives the Philippine Marines the capability to operate anytime, anywhere.
The Thai Marine Recon
2. The Thai Marine Recon
48 mins
The Thai Marine Recon are one of the world’s elite special forces. Their job takes them deep behind enemy lines to clear the path before the main marine brigade hit the enemy. Stealth, strength and speed are needed to make the grade.
Malaysia GGK Commandos
3. Malaysia GGK Commandos
48 mins
Before large forces hit the combat zone, the Malaysian Army’s special forces unit Grup Gerak Khas are the first men on the ground behind enemy lines. We go deep into one of the most elite strike forces and follow their 13-week selection course from hell. To earn the coveted Green Beret, recruits must go through three months of physical and psychological torture that break all but the best.
Sri Lanka Special Forces
4. Sri Lanka Special Forces
48 mins
Selected from the very elite of the Special Forces, Sri Lanka’s Long Range Patrol unit embarks on a grueling 6-month training program. It all starts with three weeks of relentless physical and psychological torture that will push them to their absolute limits and break all but the best.
Philippines First Scout Rangers
5. Philippines First Scout Rangers
48 mins
Scout Rangers are the Philippines’ Armed Forces’ light-reaction unit, specializing in anti-guerilla jungle warfare. They travel light and are deployed at a moment’s notice by helicopter, deep into enemy territory, to strike at insurgent groups anywhere in the archipelago.
Taiwan Amphibious Reconnaissance Group
6. Taiwan Amphibious Reconnaissance Group
48 mins
The Amphibious Reconnaissance Group, knick-named the ‘Frogmen’, are the elite of Taiwan’s Marine corp. Trained to operate behind enemy lines on land, air and sea. This unit was born out of the Chinese Civil War. They are trained to protect coastlines and clear the way for amphibious assaults.