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Sean Bean on Waterloo
Sean Bean on Waterloo
Sean Bean on Waterloo
44 min • History • 2015 • M

For the 200th anniversary of Waterloo, Sean Bean tells the story of one of history’s bloodiest battles through the eyes of the soldiers who fought it. Working with present-day and retired soldiers as well as experts in military history he stages hands-on challenges and experiments to discover the reality of warfare.

Sean Bean: Episode 1
1. Sean Bean: Episode 1

Sean Bean begins his journey of discovery at Chatham in South East England, where a large group of history enthusiasts are rehearsing to take part in a huge re-enactment of the battle to mark its 200th

Sean Bean: Episode 2
2. Sean Bean: Episode 2
44 mins

In Waterloo, Sean stands with historian Professor Saul David where the British and French infantry first clashed at Waterloo. He then travels to Yorkshire in England to explore the role played by cavalry at Waterloo. He meets cavalry experts Alan Larsen and David Blackmore who explain the roles played by light and heavy cavalry units. At the Royal Armouries in Leeds Sean sees examples of original cavalry sword used during the battle and discovers the training manual used to prepare horsemen for battle. ?