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Rolling Stone: Stories from the Edge
Rolling Stone: Stories from the Edge
Rolling Stone: Stories from the Edge
60 min • History, Culture • 2018 • MA15+

Rolling Stone Magazine: Stories From the Edge chronicles the last 50 years of American music, politics and popular culture through the story of the magazine that understood rock ‘n’ roll was more than music - it was a cultural force that re-shaped America. Drawing on previously unheard recordings provided by some of Rolling Stone’s greatest writers, as well as original interviews, rare photos and footage, the series is an inside look at how Rolling Stone helped shape the zeitgeist and has endured for a half-century. The voice of Rolling Stone is narrated by Jeff Daniels (The Martian, The Newsroom).

Rolling Stone: Episode 6
6. Rolling Stone: Episode 6
60 mins

A shocking Rolling Stone expose takes down one of the most powerful U.S. generals in the Afghanistan War. The magazine suffers from a journalistic scandal. Political writers Janet Reitman and Matt Taibbi keep tabs on American democracy.