Reuter's Report: 'They fight on the street. I fight on the stage'
Reuter's Report: 'They fight on the street. I fight on the stage'
3 min • Culture • 2021

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Video of the Miss Grand National beauty pageant's contestant from Myanmar went viral when she pled on stage for help for her country. The model, Han Lay, tells Reuters that her people will ""never give up"" fighting against the military coup. Matthew Larotonda reports. The words of the Miss Grand International beauty pageant's contestant from Myanmar, which went viral a little over a week ago, as she pled from the stage for help against the military coup that swept her country. And pledging support for the protesters against it, which local activists say have died by the hundreds there. Now, the 22-year old model, named Han Lay, is speaking to Reuters from Thailand . The beauty pageant says she can't return to her country or she'll face a jail cell. On Friday state media in Myanmar reported that authorities have issued arrest warrants for 18 celebrities, ranging from an actress to social media influencers, under a law against material that would incite a member of the military to mutiny or abandon their duty. There have have also been internet blackouts. Nawat Itsaragrisil (ITS-A-RAGRISIL) is founder of Miss Grand International: (c) 2021 Thomson Reuters, unless otherwise identified