Reuter's Report: Thai bat dropping collectors unfazed by coronavirus
Reuter's Report: Thai bat dropping collectors unfazed by coronavirus
2 min • Nature & Environment • 2020

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Despite research suggesting that coronavirus originated from bats in China, in Thailand where bat droppings are collected for fertiliser, villagers say it's not a concern. Libby Hogan reports. As night falls, bats swarm into the sky in Thailands's Ratchaburi province. It's a signal for villagers to move in to the caves. Then they get to work - for a unique practice that dates back generations: They're collecting a valuable commodity bat droppings, or guano. Community leader Singha Sittikul has heard of the research suggesting that the coronavirus outbreak originated from bats in China but, he shrugs it off. Villagers say they'll keep up this dirty work and are happy to see the pungent fruits of their labour provide beneficial fertiliser for farmers across Thailand. Copyright: (c) 2020 Thomson Reuters, unless otherwise identified. PHOTO:Bags filled with bat guano are seen outside of a bat cave at Wat Khao Chong Phran in Ratchaburi, Thailand March 14, 2020. Picture taken March 14, 2020. REUTERS/Juarawee Kittisilpa