Prophet's Prey
Prophet's Prey
92 min • Crime, Society • 2015

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As with any good religious tale, it boils down to sex, greed, and the preservation of wealth. From critically acclaimed, Emmy® Award-winning and Oscar® nominated documentary filmmaker Amy Berg (Deliver Us From Evil), this film examines Fundamentalist Church leader Warren Jeffs’ life to show how he seized control of people’s lives, at the head of an organization worth hundreds of millions of dollars. When Jeffs rose to lead the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), he brought his dictatorial and sadistic desires to bear on a society that was all too vulnerable to exploitation. The FLDS was already a paternalistic religion with a history of polygamous and under-aged marriage, yet Warren managed to expand these practices in unprecedented ways, bridging the gap between sister wives and ecclesiastically justified rape. Experts Jon Krakauer and Sam Brower help us understand: how did a man like Warren Jeffs raise himself to lead an entire religion? Based on the book by Sam Brower.