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People You May Know
People You May Know

People You May Know

60 min • Business & Technology, Politics & World Affairs • 2020

This film follows Charles Kriel – specialist advisor to UK Parliament on disinformation – as he discovers political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica (CA) collaborating with a software company to create a microtargeting platform for US churches, whereby vulnerable people – the poor, the grieving, the addicted – are targeted and radicalised into far-right politics. With US 2020 elections coming, Kriel gathers a team of whistleblowers and journalists, and journeys across America with his young family, where he discovers a powerful organisation with ties to the heart of the White House. The man who commissioned CA is a member of the most powerful secret political organisation in the United States, with an agenda to rewrite the Constitution according to Christian law. Going undercover, Kriel risks everything to gain access where no outsider has ever set foot. Part exposé, partly a snapshot of where we are as a society, and partly a personal story, this is certainly no ordinary documentary.
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