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OJ: Trial of the Century
OJ: Trial of the Century

OJ: Trial of the Century

47 min • Sport & Adventure, Crime • 2006

OJ: Caught on Camera will allow viewers to re-experience the uniquely American moment of the OJ Simpson story by re-creating that moment, in the style of 102 Minutes That Changed America. Using only contemporaneous archive, much of it never-before-seen, and NO interviews or narration, our narrative will unfold as a tight, compelling, true life drama, and a kind of meditation on how all-consuming and culturally transformative the OJ trial truly was. By artfully assembling this material without hindsight or analysis, “OJ: Caught on Camera” will introduce a new generation of viewers to the stranger-than-fiction narrative that captivated the collective national conscience. For the audience that lived it the first time, we’ll offer a new lens through which to view a story that has become a cultural touchstone and a reference point for countless criminal proceedings, news media coverage, and even late-night TV comedy.
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