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Night Guard
Night Guard
Night Guard
42 min • Crime, Business & Technology • 2014 • M

A family run business, Night Guard is a private security firm operating in Johannesburg, South Africa, where a violent crime happens every 16 seconds. Night Guard serves the people of Johannesburg by taking on the jobs that the police can’t. The family team likes to keep things personal and the series features unforgettable characters; J.P is 'The Boss' who calls the shots, Zane 'The Train' is a brawler you don't want to mess with and new-kid Trevor 'The Cowboy' is a cocky live-wire who's learning the ropes, but needs no help with the ladies!

2. Missing
41 mins

Dave is desperately searching for a missing child and time is of the essence. The team responds to a silent alarm at building complex, how will Trevor handle his first robbery call? The boys crack down on the local drug dealers in the area and hit the jackpot!

The Heat
11. The Heat
42 mins

The Gents go back to basics and do a bike patrol through the spruit, to take out the trash! Zaine and Trevor take on an out of control veld fire, and then do close protection on a Vehicle delivery truck. A man goes down.