Manson's Bloodline
Manson's Bloodline
209 min • Crime • 2017

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Jason Freeman was in high school when his father pulled over to the side of the highway, parked his car and blew his brains out. Jason didn’t know much about his father; his parents split up when he was a small boy, and he had been raised by a loving mother and her new husband. His father’s suicide provoked questions, and Jason soon learned his father’s real name: Charles Manson, Jr. This film chronicles Jason’s relationship with his infamous grandfather. Using the narrative of Jason’s understanding of his family bloodline, the film tells the story of his coming to terms with his place in the Manson family.

Manson's Bloodline Episode 1
1. Manson's Bloodline Episode 1
53 mins

Jason has struggled with his bloodline ever since learning about his grandfather as a child. He’s been in and out of prison, is a former MMA fighter and now he’s trying to turn his life around with wife Audrey and his children, but it’s not easy. Jason is fearful that he could end up like Manson, or even more tragically, like his own father, who committed suicide rather than live with the burden of his genes. In search of answers, Jason decides to head west. But Manson is old, frail and difficult; will he be receptive to meeting? First he has to convince J.J., one of Manson’s ‘gatekeepers'.

Manson's Bloodline Episode 2
2. Manson's Bloodline Episode 2
54 mins

Jason spends time with J.J. and gets to visit Spahn Ranch, where Manson and his followers lived. J.J. is now convinced that Jason has no motive other than re-connecting with his grandfather and they set off for the California State Prison. However, the ailing Manson refuses to put Jason’s name on the visitor’s list.Jason never gets to meet Manson before his death but decides to head west again to claim Manson’s body for burial; he needs to bring three generations of a cursed and fractured family together and aims to bury his grandfather with the father he never knew.

Manson's Bloodline Episode 3
3. Manson's Bloodline Episode 3
50 mins

With the help of J.J. and an attorney, Jason stakes his claim to Manson’s body - but despite being his rightful heir, he’s in for a fight. Jason and Audrey are seen at the crematorium and there is emotional footage of Jason finally ‘meeting’ his grandfather. Jason speaks to Manson and forgives him for the suicide of his father. Episode three concludes with friction caught on camera. As J.J. drapes an American flag over Manson’s casket, Grey Wolf replaces it with a more contentious Confederate one. Who knows what is going to transpire at the funeral?

Manson's Bloodline Episode 4
4. Manson's Bloodline Episode 4
52 mins

After the funeral Manson’s ashes are scattered onto a river on the outskirts of town. It’s been three years since Jason took that first call from Manson, he now needs to come to terms with the death of his father and visit his mother, who was always against him travelling to California in the first place. There's then the question of Manson’s estate: music rights to his songs, personal effects, letters etc that could be worth a small fortune. How should he handle this ‘blood money’? Tough decisions will need to be made. Will Jason do the ‘right’ thing, or put his family first?