Man's First Friend
Man's First Friend
90 min • Nature & Environment, Society • 2018 • G

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They have shared our lives for 20,000 years. Along the way, they have helped us find food, kept our livestock, protected us from our enemies, guided us in extreme conditions, and saved us from peril. Now, they comfort us, relieving loneliness and helping us cope with old age. They have become our infallible ally. Where did dogs come from, how did they take such a prominent position in our lives, and how did we learn to harness their unique talents? Viewers are taken on an extraordinary journey through some of the most remote locations in the world to answer these questions and understand how we evolved together. Along the way, we see the pariah dog in India who protects her owner’s banana plantations from daily attacks by black-headed monkeys, and the Kenyan bloodhounds trained to track ivory poachers. This documentary is a compelling and definitive look at man’s enduring relationship with dogs.