Lennon's Last Weekend
Lennon's Last Weekend
65 min • Culture, History • 2020 • PG

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By December 1980, John Lennon and Yoko Ono had not spoken to the media for more than five years. With a new album to promote, Lennon was prepared to speak in New York to Andy Peebles, from BBC Radio 1. Lennon surprised everyone by candidly discussing a variety of subjects he’d never spoken of before including The Beatles break-up, his relationship with Paul McCartney, and his battles with addiction. This film illuminates what was to be his final interview with an abundance of archival footage, photographs and conversations with people who knew him. Clearly invigorated and looking forward to making more music, Lennon’s heartfelt honesty and forthright revelations make this film all the more potent as he was brutally shot and murdered 48 hours later.