93 min • Sport & Adventure • 2011 • MA15

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Filmed over 12 years, Sundance favorite Knuckle is a no-holds-barred and extraordinarily brutal glimpse into the world of Irish bare knuckle fighting. Ever since a pub brawl turned fatal back in the mid-nineties, there has been no love lost between three feuding families. All blood-related, and once extremely close, the Quinn McDonagh’s, the Joyce’s, and the Nevin’s now resort to inciting violence through the taping of disrespectful video messages, designed to lure the other clan into the fight... With such an epic back-story and attention to detail, Knuckle appeals as much to the discerning Film critic as it does to the Ultimate Fighting Championship super-fan. It’s a modern day Gangs of New York, and the only winner is the last man left standing... Twelve years. Three clans. One War.