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Kids for Cash
Kids for Cash

Kids for Cash

102 min • Crime, Business & Technology • 2013 • M

All 193 United Nations member countries have ratified the convention on the Rights of the Child…except Somalia and the United States. Kids For Cash exposes a shocking American secret - a notorious judicial scandal that corrupt judges sending children to a private, for - profit detention centre without counsel or being advised of their rights. It started with the Columbine shooting, the 1999 massacre that led school administrators to turn over misbehaving kids to the county, and with a judge who is bent on keeping them in line, kids are even being arrested for trivial crimes. Until a parent questions the motives behind his brand of justice. Told through the eyes of the both victims and villains, this film reveals the untold stories of the masterminds at the centre of the scandal and the aftermath of lives destroyed in the process.
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