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Kalahari Meerkats
Kalahari Meerkats
Kalahari Meerkats
30 min • Nature & Environment • 2013 • M

Home for the Gosa gang of meerkats is a piece of fiercely defended bush within the Tswalu Game Reserve. Most of the animals live peacefully with the meerkats but snakes and birds of prey are a nightmare. Wildlife filmmaker Mags has become an honorary member of the group and has an amazing bond with these wild creatures. They regularly jump on her head or on her camera to help them survey the dangerous horizons of their home!

Kalahari Meerkats Episode 5
5. Kalahari Meerkats Episode 5
30 mins

Summer has arrived in the kalahari. It has been three weeks since the last rains and the desert is flourishing. A large group of giraffe have moved into the area which has been unsettling for the gang. Although harmless to meerkats, giraffe are terrifyingly tall which in itself is enough to be on constant alert. The Gang move to an area known as the Whispering Forest as it is the best place to find food at this time of year. However the grass is long and there are a number of predators lurking such as a leopard. Hutch in his excitement at finding so much great food wanders from the group and gets lost. But for him this turns out to be the best thing that could have happened as he finds a lone female from the rival group of meerkats. They fall madly in love. Will the bitter feud between these rival groups allow this budding romeo and juliet relationship to continue? Surely Cleo will never accept a rival into the Gosa gang?