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Jihad Jane
Jihad Jane

Jihad Jane

94 min • Politics & World Affairs, Crime • 2019

This film tells the stories of Colleen LaRose (Jihad Jane) and Jamie Paulin Ramirez (Jihad Jamie) – two blue-eyed, blonde suburban women from the U.S. – who were separately radicalised by Islamic extremists online and brought into an al-Qaeda plot to kill Swedish cartoonist, Lars Vilks. Dubbed as the "new face of terrorism" by the U.S. attorney's office and various American news media, LaRose and Ramirez were ultimately revealed as two fragile and damaged women, each of whom had a history of abuse and were more interested in finding a sense of belonging than in politics.We see post 9-11 America, and what emerges is a touching and haunting portrait of not only a damaged terror cell but the country and world that they emerged from.
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