Janis: Little Girl Blue
Janis: Little Girl Blue
103 min • Culture, Culture • 2015 • M

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Janis Joplin was one of the world’s most influential rock icons and a goddess of sound, but there was actually far more to her than that. Academy® Award nominated director Amy Berg strips away Janis’ rock ‘n roll persona to reveal the raw, sensitive, innocent, uncensored and powerful woman behind the legend, in the quintessential story of the short, turbulent and epic existence that changed music forever. Janis was a force of nature who mesmerized the world with her blues-style vocals. Her talent and magnetism is evident in never- seen-before footage. Janis inspired a generation, breaking new ground for the female rock singers who followed. Through turbulent love affairs and addiction, one constant remained: Janis was committed to her music above all until her heartbreaking death at the age of 27. Janis serves as the narrator for her own life story through letters she wrote to her family, friends and lovers. Chan Marshall (also known as Cat Power) lends her raspy Southern voice to the film reading Janis' achingly intimate letters. Featuring a soundtrack of Janis’ greatest hits – Cry Baby, Summertime, Piece of My Heart, and many more, Janis will join The Doors: When You’re Strange, Marley, and The Stones’ Gimme Shelter, in the pantheon of great music documentaries, by providing a glimpse into the private life and inner struggles of one of the world’s most influential rock icons.