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iwonderWho - Jason van Genderen (Coronavirus & Me)
iwonderWho - Jason van Genderen (Coronavirus & Me)

iwonderWho - Jason van Genderen (Coronavirus & Me)

27 min • Health & Science • 2020

James Bridges, CEO of iwonder, interviews Jason van Genderen of Treehouse Creative. Jason talks about helping (and filming) his mother, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia, through a challenging time where she cannot go out to do the activities that are familiar and comforting to her. When the videos went viral on social media, Jason describes how he embraced the opportunity to tell their story and the wider story of how to engage with older people in general, many of whom habitually suffer from isolation. Jason discusses what he has learned from the experience and how it has changed the way he thinks about family, work and filmmaking.
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