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Hollywood Scandals
Hollywood Scandals

Hollywood Scandals

60 min • Crime, Culture • 2014

Definitive stories of Hollywood's biggest scandals, featuring personal accounts from the key personalities involved, original news archive and expert commentary. Hollywood Scandals explores the darker side of Tinseltown. In Hollywood, these stories dont just sell movies and television shows, they are woven into the fabric of a town that has no limits especially when it comes to celebrities. From the rise of Madonna to the fall of the Kennedys, Lennon's assassination, Britney Spears meltdown and Mansons horrific murder spree, Hollywood Scandals follows the extraordinary stories of the worlds most famous personalities. From public meltdowns to private affairs, these are the tales that have come to dominate and define Tinseltown where any vice is a headline, and every star has a role to play.
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