All around the world, specialised units of commandos and rangers are fighting the enemies of the environment. Their mission is to break up gangs, often genuine mafias with henchmen, who illegally exploit the planet’s resources. From toxic waste dumping in Italy to illegal fishing in Indonesia, this action-packed series follows the units both on and off the field.
Italy: The Mafia’s Toxic Waste
1. Italy: The Mafia’s Toxic Waste
54 mins
Decades of illegal dumping in Italy haven’t just poisoned the land and water – child cancer rates are unusually high and the air is toxic.
Colombia: Clearing the Forests
2. Colombia: Clearing the Forests
52 mins
We accompany the soldiers trying to protect the Colombian Amazon and see how illegally logged timber enters the global market.
French Guyana
3. French Guyana
52 mins
Gold panning is illegal in French Guyana, and soldiers destroy clandestine mines. But the illegal migrants who work there have little other option.
South Africa: Stopping the Rhino Poachers
4. South Africa: Stopping the Rhino Poachers
52 mins
We join rangers, in charge of protecting SA's national parks, on patrol and visit an orphanage for baby rhinos whose parents were killed by poachers.
Indonesia: Illegal Fishing
5. Indonesia: Illegal Fishing
52 mins
One fish in four is caught illegally. But Indonesia's Minister of Marine and Fisheries has a novel approach to dealing with the pirates – blowing up and sinking their ships.
Cameroon: Protecting the Park
6. Cameroon: Protecting the Park
51 mins
In the past 30 years, nearly half the animals of Cameroon have disappeared. We meet those trying to keep them safe.