Forever Young
Forever Young
50 min • Health & Science, Business & Technology • 2015

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Death is the ultimate insult to the scientific mind. While science, technology, and medicine have advanced in leaps and bounds during the past century, humans have still not cracked the most elemental challenge of all: how to overcome our mortality and live for hundreds of years. Forever Young explores the age-old pursuit of increasing human longevity and reveals where our quest for immortality could eventually take us. Forever Young challenges us to reconsider our conventional notion of life, aging, and death. During the past century, global human life expectancy has doubled and it continues to increase every year. People are living longer lives due to a combination of better nutrition, healthier lifestyles, and spectacular advances in medical science and health care. For the leading visionaries in the longevity industry however, increasing human life expectancy by a few more years every generation isn’t ambitious enough. Their lofty goal is to redefine the very nature of human life. Their research is focused on finding ways to extend our lives for hundreds or perhaps even thousands of years. But there are also those who question whether immortality should be our goal since in their opinion, the fact that we all know we will eventually die is what gives our lives urgency and meaning.