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Floyd Uncorked
Floyd Uncorked
Floyd Uncorked
24 min • Culture • 1998 • G

Keith Floyd takes a rest from his kitchen and dedicates some time to his favourite hobby: Wine. Having hired a camper-van for the summer he sets off to explore the wine regions of France. But Keith is also interested in seeing the local beauty spots, learning the history, meeting the people, eating the local produce, and above all, tasting the wine. Each programme is given a summary in the form of a postcard home; and then it’s off to bed in the camper-van to sleep off the days excesses before taking us to the next location.

1. Burgundy
24 mins

In the first of this new series about the wines of France, Keith Floyd takes us to the classic wine region of Burgundy. Keith and Jonathan Pedley, master of wine, taste two wines which are most characteristic of this region, Chablis and Cote de Beaune. We discover how to taste wine properly and show you how to ensure that, every time you buy a bottle of wine from now on, you’ve a better chance of finding a winner. Keith cooks a coq au vin and ham with white wine and mustard sauce and he takes us on a tour of this famous region.

4. Bordeaux

Keith Floyd visits the one region in France that is envied around the world for its wine success – Bordeaux. This week Keith and Jonathan Pedley, master of wine, will taste a medoc and a sweet pudding wine, Sauternes