Floyd's mission is to discover the varied tastes and the rich regional diversity of Italian cuisine. The eccentric chef abandons all accepted conventions as he forays into the best restaurants and the most luscious vineyards. Amidst the classic scenery Floyd prepares exquisite dishes including squid ink tagliatelle and Tuscan wild boar.
Liguria & Piedmont
1. Liguria & Piedmont
29 mins
Keith takes a journey through Cinque Terre, where fishing villages nestle in the seaside cliffs on the Ligurian coast. He talks about how the Ligurians fought for their land against invaders from the sea and the Romans. Keith visits a chocolate museum, which has been around since 1881 and cooks up a classic dish on Lake Maggiare.
Emilia Romagna & Venice
2. Emilia Romagna & Venice
29 mins
Keith visits Bologna the capital of Emilia, which is full of beautiful buildings, medieval towers and churches. Then he moves on to Parma, the home of Parmesan cheese and parma ham, and gets to see how these foods are made. Then on to Venice where he cooks Baccala in a bar down one of the back streets, and cooks fish soup Venetian style in front of the Rialto bridge.
3. Tuscany
29 mins
Keith cooks Castellino, a pigeon dish in the busy square, then visits Sienna where he cooks Osso Bucco, a winter dish and gets to stay in a castle converted to a hotel in the heart of Tuscant.
4. Umbria
29 mins
Keith checks out the ultimate fast car the Ferrari in Orvieto and cooks up Vitello, a veal dish. He goes fishing at Lake Trasimeno, takes a train ride through the rolling landscapes, checks out mushroom picking beyond Assisi and visits a vineyard outside Targiaro where he cooks up beef and wild mushrooms in rubesco wine.
5. Puglia
29 mins
Keith visits the pre-dawn fish auction in Molfetta and checks out the Romanesque cathedrals and Swabian castles built by Frederick II, the Norman conqueror. He moves on to Noci, and cooks up a new Italian dish on his stall and then travels to south of Bari where he cooks Rabbitalla Cataria.
6. Calabria
29 mins
Keith joins the cheesemaker Gino, whilst he does the rounds of a handful of smallholdings in Marano and then cooks up marinated wild boar. He visits a farm and roasts a pig over a wood fire and cooks up a classic Italian soup for the crew.
7. Sicily
29 mins
Keith cooks a pizza in Marsala, and visits the salt fields south of Trapini where he cooks grilled fish bream. He visits the island of Favigneina, famous for tuna fishing and cooks up a rich fish soup. Then onto the island of Maretemo where he joins in on the festival of St Joseph.