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Fish Wars
Fish Wars

Fish Wars

50 min • Nature & Environment • 2010

This film will give you a unique insight into the battle to protect Asia’s oceans from illegal fishing. The seas of the Asia Pacific stand as one of the last major centres of marine biodiversity in the world. Illegal fishing has robbed Indonesia of an estimated US$3.2 billion annually through poaching by syndicates from Thailand, China and the Philippines. Illegal trawlers, cyanide and explosives fishing are all destroying the seas off Indonesia. We bring to the screen the vicious battles being waged between gunboats and illegal trawlers, we film as the trawlers work and show the destruction to the seas and reefs from cyanide and dynamite fishing, we follow the dedicated marine scientists from the WWF that are fighting to protect and rebuild the oceans and fishing communities off Indonesia. We meet the buyers who have decided that it’s time to save their home oceans…At stake here is not just the livelihood of a region, but also the future of one of the world’s greatest marine areas.
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