Featuring vivid dramatised recreations, this series explores bare-knuckle boxing, duelling and jousting as it traces the history of man to man – and woman to woman – fighting. It delves into the impact on a fighter's body and mind, while exploring their social and historical context.
Georgian Fighting Women
1. Georgian Fighting Women
47 mins
Georgian Britain saw stark social divides, but people across classes enjoyed watching a dust-up between two fighters. It was even better if the fighters were both women.
Victorian Prize Fighters
2. Victorian Prize Fighters
47 mins
Victorian bare-knuckle boxers were the football stars of their day. Many were honed tough killing machines, who had everything to gain but also much to lose when they stepped into the ring.
Georgian Duellists
3. Georgian Duellists
47 mins
During Georgian times, duelling was a way for the upper classes to settle disputes, with the winner taking all. As a sport, it had strict rules and etiquette.
Tudor Fight Club
4. Tudor Fight Club
47 mins
"This episode tells the story of the Tudor tournament through tales of disputed land, slighted honour and long-held grudges. "