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FAT: A Documentary
FAT: A Documentary

FAT: A Documentary

95 min • Society, Health & Science • 2019

This film tells the far-fetched but completely true history of how the United States became so unhealthy. In 1970, just over 1.5 million people had been diagnosed with diabetes in the United States – now over 30 million have the disease. What's even more alarming is that 100 million Americans – 1 in 3 – have diabetes or are pre-diabetic. This is not to mention the 40% of the population that are obese. How is this possible with the non-stop flow of new diets, exercise machines and the nation’s general obsession with health and weight loss? This film traces a detailed history spanning 150 years to show how misinformation and outright lies have become ‘truth’, causing Americans to be unhealthy as ever.
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