Face to Face with ISIS
Face to Face with ISIS
44 min • Politics & World Affairs • 2018

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The fight against ISIS in Iraq is almost over. One year on from her unforgettable first visit, Stacey is heading back to a place she swore she would never return, and the former heart of the so called Islamic State in Iraq: Mosul. This time, she wants justice for the Yazidi women she met one year ago. This will be a journey like never before as she joins Shireen - a 23-year-old Yazidi girl kept as a sex slave by an ISIS executioner for more than two years - to revisit the place where she was held captive. Together they will find the house that was her prison, journey to where the terror group had its last stand in the city, and ultimately come face to face with an ISIS commander who kept three Yazidi sex slaves. In a trip fraught with danger and trauma, Stacey will get under the skin of some of the most brutal rapists and murderers the world has ever seen, to ask: can justice ever really be served for women like Shireen?