Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body
Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body
50 min • Health & Science • 2017 • M

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This stunning series aims to decrypt the mechanisms of the human body and brain through exceptional experiments, as well as reports on women and men who stretch their physical and mental limits. 15 x 2 hour programmes have aired on France 2 since 2012 attracting large audiences - this 6 part series selects the very best of them. Featured stories examine: How our skeleton regenerates entirely every 10 years; Why we only use 10% of our pulmonary capacities; Why the sense of vertigo is 100% caused by psychological factors; How feel-good hormones secreted by our brain can save our life.

Our Powers of Adaptation
4. Our Powers of Adaptation
49 mins

In this episode, we look at how our bodies have evolved through time and how our powers have changed through the ages. We will meet a man who has lived with wolves, another who eats a Palaeolithic diet and another who can communicate with wild animals all in our efforts to understand how our brains have evolved through time, why we look the way we do and to trace the origins of language.